Sisal soap pouch


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This soap pouch made of sisal is the perfect item for a bar of soap. Put the soap in the bag and during washing and showering the soap will foam. Use the pouch to (gently) exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. In addition, the sisal pouch immediately catches the small pieces of soap that would otherwise slip through your fingers and wash away. Or fill the pouch with several small bars of soap so that you can use it all. 

Hang the pouch with the soap after use, so your soap can dry well and last longer. 

Easy to close by pulling the cord and sliding the bead. 

This soap pouch is made of natural sisal and sisal fibres. Sisal is obtained from the sisal agave and is one of the most important fiber crops in the world used for the sustainable production of handmade products. 

  • You will receive a sisal soap pouch. 
  • Size: 14 x 11 cm
  • The product is delivered without any further (oil) supplies.