Privacy Statement

Key to Blossom respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. We strictly adhere to all legal regulations that apply to personal data. On request, you can inspect the stored personal data and have it changed and/or deleted by us.

We use your data to process orders as quickly and easily as possible. Otherwise, we will only use this data with your permission.

Key to Blossom will never sell your personal information to third parties and will only make it available to third parties that are involved in processing your order.

Key to Blossom uses the collected data to provide its customers with the following services:

  • If you place an order, we need your name, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery address and payment details to process your order and to keep you informed of its progress. We never use your telephone number for marketing purposes. We also use this personal data to create an invoice, packing slip and the shipment label.
  • To make shopping at Key to Blossom as pleasant as possible, we store with your permission your personal information and the information regarding your order and the use of our services.
  • You can create an account at Key to Blossom. To do this, you provide an email address and choose a password to secure your account. We then use this to create an account, on which you can log in with the e-mail address and password you have entered. In your account you can supplement your profile with various personal data. These are used to provide our services.
  • With your permission, we use your data to inform you about the updates of our webshop and about special offers and promotions. We do this through our newsletter. If you no longer appreciate this, you can let us know by sending an e-mail to or subscribe directly via the button 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of each newsletter. 
  • Information about the use of our site and the feedback we receive from our visitors help us to further develop and improve our site.
  • If you respond to a promotion or competition, we ask could for your name, address and e-mail address. We use this information to carry out the promotion, to announce the prize winner(s), and to measure the response to our promotions.
  • We love reviews. If you want to write a review, choose whether your personal details or your name are visible to other visitors.

We may process the above data for the implementation of the agreement (order/newsletter) that you have entered into with us. We keep this information until you have canceled/deleted your account. We store part of this data for up to 7 years after cancellation (due to the legal fiscal retention obligation).

Contact us and our newsletter
If you contact us, for example by e-mail, we will only process the data provided by you for the purpose of handling your question or request. We keep this information until we are sure that you are satisfied with the response and for one year thereafter. This way we can easily access the information in case of follow-up questions.

You can subscribe to our newsletter. Here you can read the news, tips and information about our products. Every newsletter contains an unsubscribe link. Your e-mail address is automatically added to the list of subscribers. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, we will remove your e-mail address from the list of recipients. You must be over 16 years old to register for the newsletter. If you are under the age of 16, written permission with parent's signature is required due to the AVG legislation.

Reviews WebwinkelKeur
We collect reviews via the the Dutch WebwinkelKeur platform. If you leave a review via WebwinkelKeur, you are obliged to provide your name, place of residence and e-mail address. WebwinkelKeur shares this information with us so that we can link the review to your order. WebwinkelKeur also publishes your name and place of residence on its own website. In some cases, WebwinkelKeur may contact you to provide an explanation of your review. In the event that we invite you to leave a review, we will share your name and e-mail address with WebwinkelKeur. They only use this information for the purpose of inviting you to leave a review. WebwinkelKeur has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. WebwinkelKeur reserves the right to engage third parties for the provision of services, for which we have given permission to WebwinkelKeur. All the guarantees mentioned above with regard to the protection of your personal data also apply to the parts of the service for which WebwinkelKeur engages third parties.

Key to Blossom does not sell your data
Key to Blossom will not sell your personal information to third parties and will only make it available to third parties that are involved in processing your order. Our employees and third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

Your personal information is safe with Key to Blossom
We appreciate the trust you place in us and we will therefore handle your data with the utmost care. When you place an order, one of the most modern techniques is used; the Secure Socket Layer. Your data will be protected and treated confidentially at all times.

Cookies and similar techniques
Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer. Key to Blossom uses cookies to recognize you on your next visit. Cookies enable us to collect information about the use of our services and to improve and adapt them to the wishes of our visitors. Our cookies provide information concerning personal identification. You can set your browser so that you do not receive any cookies while shopping at Key to Blossom.

We use external advertising technologies from reputable third parties to gain insight into visitor behavior on our website. The purpose of this is to determine the effectiveness of Internet advertising on our site and the sites of third parties. For this we use cookies that have been supplied and placed by us. This is aimed at registering certain actions and transactions of visitors on our website and, based on this data, designating certain profiles for relevant visitors. When the relevant visitor visits a website within our partner's network, an advertisement is displayed based on the designated profile. In both cases, we pass on the website usage of visitors to our website to our partner's servers. Also, in either case, the information collected on our behalf and maintained through this technology is not personally identifiable.

We provide your personal data to other companies or authorities if this is necessary for the implementation of the agreement or if we are legally obliged to do so. The parties we need for the execution of the agreement;

  • Our ICT and payment service providers
  • administrative service providers
  • Ship service providers
  • Email platforms

Personal data can also be provided by us to competent authorities, if the law says that this must be done. An example is that if fraud is suspected, a report can be made to the police.

If you have any questions about Key to Blossom's Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail to We will help you if you need information about your data or if you want to change it. You expressly have the right to correct your data. If changes to our Privacy Policy are necessary, you will always find the most recent information on this page.


Secure connection
When placing an order, your data is encrypted and sent to us via a secure connection. You can recognize the secure connection by the s in https://secure ….. This way we offer you maximum security and fraud or theft of data is excluded.

We attach great importance to your privacy. All personal data is therefore treated with care by us. We strictly adhere to all legal regulations that apply to personal data. On request, you can inspect the stored personal data and have it changed by us.

What data do we collect?
If you place an order with us, we need various information from you to process your order. We check this data for accuracy in various ways.

  • General information: These are the details such as name, address and place of residence, which you enter in the order form. We use this information to check and process your order.
  • Your email address: We use your email address to confirm your order and to inform you when your order is ready for shipment. If you have signed up for our newsletter, we will keep you informed of news and offers from time to time. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe.
  • Your telephone number: We may use your telephone number to verify your order and to ask questions about your order.
    We do not use your telephone number for marketing purposes.
  • Traffic data: Traffic data is stored every time you visit our website. These are, for example, the number of pages that have been visited or which articles have been ordered.
    This data is not personal and is only used to improve the user-friendliness of our website.

What do we use this data for?
The purpose of processing the data is:

Personal data

  • the processing of your order.
  • the delivery to the delivery address specified by you.
  • notify you of offers and news (if you have registered for this).

Traffic data

  • promoting the user-friendliness of the website.

Your data is safe with us
We will not sell your personal information to third parties and we will only make it available to collection agencies contracted by us in the event of exceeding the payment term set by us.

Your data is stored on secure servers. Authorized employees of Key to Blossom are the only persons who have access to the personal data and have a duty of confidentiality regarding the personal data.

Access, change and delete your data
You have the right:

  • Get an explanation about what personal data we have and what we use it for
  • Access the precise personal data we have
  • Having errors corrected
  • Having obsolete personal data removed
  • Consent you have given to withdraw
  • To object to a particular use

Please note that you clearly indicate who you are, so that we can be sure that we do not change or delete data from the wrong person