Cap Stickers Young Living - Blends & Collections (2023)

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If you have several bottles of essential oil, it is useful to put stickers on the caps, so that you can quickly recognize the oils and find them easily. In this set the stickers of all blends and oils belonging to Young Living collections.

  • 25 Years Young, 3 Wise Men
  • Abundance, Acceptance, Aroma Ease, Aroma Life, Aroma Siez, Aroma Sleep, Australian Blue, Australian Kuranda, Awaken
  • Believe, Bloom, Blue Relief, Brain Power
  • Celebration, Chivalry, Christmas Spirit, Citrus Fresh, Clarity, Common Sense
  • Di-Gize, Dragon Time, Dream Catcher
  • Egyptian Gold, En-R-Gee, Endoflex, Envision, Exodus II
  • Forgiveness
  • Gary's Light, Gathering, Gentle Baby, GLF, Gratitude, Grounding
  • Harmony, Higher Unity, Highest Potential, Humility
  • Immu Power, Inner Child, Inspiration, Into the Future
  • Joy, Journey on, Juva Cleanse, Juvaflex
  • Lady Sclareol, Light of Hope, Light of Fire, Live your Passion, Longevity, Loyalty, Lushious Lemon
  • M-Grain, Magnify your Purpose, Melrose, Mister, Motivation
  • One Heart, One Voice
  • Panaway, Peace & Calming, Peace & Calming II, Present Time, Progessence Phyto Plus, Purification
  • R.C. Red Shot, Release, Relieve it, Rise Above, Roots, Rutavala
  • Sacred Angel, Sacred Mountain, Sara, Sclar Essence, Seedlings Calm, Sensation, Shutran, Slique Essence, Stress Away, Surrender
  • The Gift, Thieves, Transformation, Trauma Life
  • Valor
  • White Angelica, Winter Nights
  • Update: Includes the latest essential oil: One Purpose.

This set includes cap stickers for the following collections:

  • Animal Scents: Inner Balance, Pet Care, Pet Fresh, Pet Renew and Puri Clean.
  • Divine Destiny Collection: Daily Divine, I am Blessed and I am Creative.
  • Feelings Kit Collection: Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Present Time, Release and Valor.
  • Finca Botanica Farm Collection: Ecuadorian Ylang Ylang, Incan Melissa, Paicotea and Palo Santo.
  • Freedom Release Collection: Divine Release, Freedom, Joy, T.R. Care and Transformation.
  • Freedom Sleep Collection: Aroma Sleep, Freedom, Inner Harmony and Valor.
  • Golden Touch 1: Di-Gize, EndoFlex, JuvaFlex, Melrose, R.C. en Thieves.
  • KidScents: DreamEase, GeneYus, KidCare, KidPower, Refresh and TummyGize.
  • Oil of Ancient Scripture Collection: Cassia, Cedarwood, Cypress, Frankincense, Hyssop, Myrrh, Myrtle, Onycha, Rose of Sharon (Cistus), and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.
  • BONUS: 3 blank stickers you can write on yourself.
  • You will receive a set (consisting of two sheets) with 65 stickers each, including 3 blank stickers on which you can write something yourself.
  • The stickers are printed on vinyl and are water resistant.
  • The sticker sheet is supplied without essential oils and other (oil) supplies.